November 16, 2012

Green Chile Enchiladas

These enchies have a lovely complex flavor profile, owing to the fresh ingredients in the salsa. Once you’ve got your salsa on hand, they are quick and easy to prepare.


8 corn tortillas

One sweet mild onion, coarsely chopped

1 quart green tomato salsa, prepared as above

Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack cheese, cut into strips (approx. ½ x ½ x 2 ½ inches)

6 oz. can of roasted, peeled mild chiles (or use strips of roasted chiles prepared at home)

Additional cheese for topping, shredded


Spread  about a third of the warmed salsa in the bottom of a 9” x 11” glass baking dish. Dip both sides of a tortilla into warm salsa, place strips of cheese end to end across the center of each tortilla. Add a couple of strips of mild chile on top of cheese, top with some chopped onion, and roll up “enchilada style.”

Place each rolled enchilada in the pan side by side, on top of the salsa. When pan is filled, pour remaining salsa over all, sprinkle with remaining chopped onion, and top with shredded cheese. (I like to use a mixture of cheeses; Tillamook cheddar usually wins a spot.)

Bake at 375° for 25 minutes or so, until cheese is bubbly and enchies are done. Remove from oven and cool on rack for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

Serve with refried beans, Mexican rice, and a nice salad. Accept heaps of praise, and allow someone else to do the dishes.