November 16, 2012

Green Tomato Salsa

Last weekend, I met a new friend who, like so many of us, loves to prepare and preserve the garden’s bounty for the long winter. She made and demonstrated the most delicious salsa using whatever was at hand. And it was super easy! Let me explain.

Denise has an old rectangular electric roasting pan. You know, the heavy counter top one; the kind your grandpa used to roast the Thanksgiving turkey. Anyway, she took a great big pile of green tomatoes, the unripe kind, washed and quartered them and tossed them in the roaster. Then, she added coarsely chopped onion, sweet peppers and chile peppers to taste, garlic, some water, vinegar, salt, and pepper. She filled that roasting pan nearly to the top.

After everything had been simmering, uncovered, for a couple of hours, Denise checked for doneness, and then used an immersion blender to quickly smooth all those delicious veggies into a nice puree. Just like that, she had a vat of salsa. I tried a small taste, and I was impressed. She gifted me a jar to take home, and I was thrilled! This would be excellent over enchiladas (recipe below) used as salsa with chips, over an omelet, in chile, on carnitas, or in a beefy stew. You can easily adapt this recipe to your palate, adjusting up or down the amount of heat by using different varieties of chiles. Tomatillos would be a great addition.

*If you make this for canning, please be sure that you check with an extension agent and / or  current Ball Blue Book for pressure canning times. You want to make sure that you use safe and appropriate methods when canning low acid vegetable mixtures.

*If you decide to freeze your salsa, you can leave out the vinegar. I’d recommend wide mouth jars for freezing. Be sure to leave a minimum of an inch of headspace to allow for expansion.